November 3, 2015

Application Process

Our experienced counselors will guide you through the application process and help you prepare the necessary documents for your submission.

The application process involves following procedures.

Time to start application process

The best time to start the application filling up process is, at least one to three months before the 1st deadline of the universities.

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 Filling up application form:

List of documents you will need for the application process

Gathering the right documents is like baking a sponge cake. If you have all the necessary documents, no one can stop you from studying abroad.

Here is a general set of documents that you will need during the application process.

1. The application form: Fill in the application form carefully and properly;

2. Certificates: If you’ve just completed your high school, you will need your senior secondary certificates (SSC) and higher secondary certificates (HSC) and their mark sheets.If you have already finished your bachelors’ degree or postgraduate degree, you will have to produce your degree certificate and the mark sheets.

3. Competitive exam scores: This is one important document if English is not your first language. Usually you will require either TOEFL or IELTS scores for your admission. Many universities require GMAT, GRE, and ELSAT and so on for other courses. This test certificate is extremely important and has a validity date. So make sure the certificate is valid while submitting.

4. Statement of purpose: A well- written, well-shaped SOP will be the key to your way into the university. So take a good amount of time before you submit the SOP.

5. Resume: Right after you finish your high school, it is a good idea to prepare a powerful resume. I know it’s slightly unrealistic to have a powerful resume just after high school, but give it a try! It is wise to get help while preparing your resume; stick to two pages at the most, if possible.

6. Letters of recommendation: People always want to know what others think of you. Find the right opportunity to ask for a recommendation letter from someone who you know.

7. Passport size photographs: Always double check the dimensions of the passport size photo, be it admissions or visas.

8. Experience Documents: If you are applying for graduate courses, make sure you have relevant experience documents. You might not have experience certificates if you’ve just finished high school / College. So skip this step.

9. Additional documents: Produce proof of achievements and other certificates that will explain your talents and extracurricular activities you’ve undertaken.

10. Re-check: Once you have all the right documents, re-check it as many times as you want. This will take you one step closer to your dream university.

Our experienced counselors will guide you through the application process and help you prepare the necessary documents for your submission.