March 15, 2017

B-1/B-2 Visa Program

The B visa for a variety of visitors

With the B-visa category for the USA, business, tourism and private stays of all kinds and up to 180 days can be realized. As a traveler, you should know the respective rules and prepare for them.
The B-1 visa is a non-immigration visa for visits to the US from business (B-1 Business Visitor, business visa) or tourist reasons (B-2 Tourist Visa, tourist visa). The B-1 visa can be issued with a validity of 1 to 10 years.

Business travelers with the intention of spending 90 days at a time in the US can participate in the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA). Please note that the same rules apply as for the B-1 visa. We therefore also recommend VWP-travelers to prepare themselves. Travelers whose nationality excludes the participation in the VWP, in principle require a visa.

We take the proper application for companies and travelers and inform you about the current regulations.


The B-Visa for general business trips to the USA

Employees of companies traveling to the US should have knowledge of the entry requirements.
A business visitor is given only a few privileges in the rules, among other things he receives no work permit. Companies are subject to the duty of care. The proper preparation and training of the employees also serves the security of the US partner.




The Visa for Dual Students in the USA

Under certain conditions, so-called “dual students” may apply for a B-1 visa for their stay in the United States. However, this should be checked individually by us. For many years we have been managing companies, which are in cooperation with a US subsidiary. Dual students go through a kind of international internship during their studies and use our service to be optimally prepared for it.



The visa for Mondays in the USA

Whether short-term international assignments of a few days or complex stays with several entrances, professional fitters should always be trained on their use and the applicable visa rules and their application. Consider the cost and consequences of refusing entry. Quickly follow assembly retardions or even liability claims. As installers are mostly employed by the US partner, illegal illegal work must be avoided as a matter of urgency.

The visa for volunteers in the USA

Travelers who volunteer and volunteer volunteers in social organizations (non-profit) in the United States need a visa. For every volunteer in the US it is essential to know the rules and limits. This protects the participant and the organization.

With our service you get the best preparation for your visit to the consulate and are well informed!




What services does our B-Visa service include?

  • Check your case with the applicable rules
  • Information about the visa category
  • Examination of personal documents
  • Vote with the US Partner
  • Preparation for consular visit and entry
  • Coordination of the application strategy
  • Design of support letters
  • Compiling of required documents
  • Help with form DS-160 or ESTA
  • Processing time approx. 4 weeks, express service in three working days possible for an extra charge
  • Help and advice on rejection and discussion of the application strategy