March 15, 2017

J-1 Visa Program

The J-1 viso program for an internship in the USA

For participants from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and for international applicants from all over the world.

To complete an internship in the USA, you need a J-1 visa in any case. The first step, however, is not the visa but the search for a specific internship offer . You can do this alone or you can use our help to find an internship . Then apply for the so-called form DS-2019 . This form can only be issued by a small number of exchange organizations (so-called designated sponsors) and makes up the bulk of the preparations for the internship. With this DS-2019, you will be introduced to the US embassy and will receive your J-1 visa within a few days .

The procedure is as follows:

Search for an internship site – alone or with us.
Application for the DS-2019 form with us, the Vistara Consultant, and our partners.
Request and receipt of the J-1 visa by the US Embassy in your region.
With our program, we offer you an uncomplicated and legally perfect way to complete an internship in a US company, organization or agency.

The J-1 Program Coordinators of the American American Chamber of Commerce California support you in developing this world of possibilities for you. Enrich your theoretical knowledge with practical experience in the USA. You will expand your knowledge and develop further. Invest in your own education today and into your future career!

With our support you can safely hold your DS-2019 and J-1 visa in your hands before departure. We are aware of the legal and content requirements which both you and your future internship company must fulfill.

And so it goes to our program:

The conditions attached to the award of a J-1 visa have repeatedly changed in recent years. Both the applicant and the trainee will require more care and responsibility. This includes a professional training plan, called DS-7002 , a clear educational goal, as well as compliance with all the guidelines set by the US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security. How to join our program:

Step : Find out about the prerequisites, procedure and prices of our J-1 visa program.
Step : Register Now! You will receive all necessary registration documents by email.
Step : Clarify your individual questions by phone or email.