November 3, 2015

Other Services

a)Bank Loan Assistance

Vistara Consultant assists its students with the entire procedure, starting from application to the required documentation, eligibility criteria and the selection of bank.

b) Accommodation/Air port pickup

Vistara Consultant provides detailed information to the students with respect to their University/Hostel/Private accommodation booking and payment; in turn ensuring the students’ safety in an international country.

c) Air line ticketing

VCPL tries to work out the most reasonable rates with reputed travel agencies; so as to reduce the expenses of the students wherever possible.

d) pre-departure services

Our pre-departure services can help you understand what to expect in your new country, with topics covering accommodation options, banking services, mobile phone services, culture, traditions and customs.


Why Us
Reasons for Applying Through us

There are many good reasons to apply through us:

  • We counsel you on your study plan (and career plan).
  • We directly liaise with universities regarding your application.
  • We negotiate on your behalf for getting you an offer and the maximum credit exemptions.
  • We help with your visa and accommodation requirements.
  • We work for universities so that you enjoy a better service. Please be assured that your tuition fee will never be over-charged.