February 13, 2017

Science Without Borders


In 2011, the Brazilian Government introduced a world-class scholarship program –Science Without Borders (SWB) – to strengthen the expansion of science, technology and innovation in Brazil. Over a 5 year period, the best 100,000 students & researchers from Brazil will be sent to the best and most relevant Universities around the world.

The program is focused in areas of strong industrial interest to ensure that award-holders will have strong chances of employment both in industry and in academia. Students will undertake 1 year academic studies in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in addition to a full time internship program over the summer.

Approximately 23,000 students have been selected for the program so far, with Australia ranking as the 8th most popular destination in the world.

The program has attracted considerable attention and support by governments and universities worldwide as it is seen as a significant development in internationalising Brazil and investment in the global human capital the country will require for the future.

Internship Objective

Students are required to complete a professional internship during their study breaks. Internships are being offered for periods of 2-3 months in commercial industries across Australia, breaking new ground in expanding Australia’s collaboration with Brazil – a rapidly growing country and the powerhouse economy in South America.

Australian Universities

Vistara Consultant is the preferred internship provider for major universities and government agencies around the world. AI has formed strategic partnerships with key Australian universities to deliver the Science Without Borders internship program. Participating universities include: